What to Expect – Two Under Two

My husband and I always knew we wanted kids. Our daughter was such a joy, and in hindsight, the easiest baby ever! By six weeks old, she was sleeping through the night. She only cried when she was hungry, and was not a fussy baby. Since we were having such a wonderful experience raising our daughter, we thought to ourselves, let’s have another one!

When Isabella was about nine months old, I discovered that I was pregnant again! We were surprised, but also excited. We often discussed how great it would be to have kids close in age, and luckily things worked out that way.

Our son was born on March 4, 2019 and we officially became a family of four. These past couple of months have flown by! Life with two littles has kept us very busy.

Are you considering having two kids (or more) close in age? Are you expecting your second baby soon? Here are some things to think about and consider if you are planning on having two children under two years old:

  1. Having one baby is so easy. Having two babies is tough. Having two babies under two is insane!
  2. Someone is always crying. Or hungry. Or tired. Or wants to be held… often at the SAME TIME!
  3. No two babies are ever the same. I used to hear this all the time and now I know that no truer words have ever been spoken. Baby # 1 was easy. Baby # 2, not so much. Combining toddler with baby # 2 – SEND HELP ASAP! Prepare for anything and everything!
  4. You will hear “You have your hands full!” every time you leave the house and go out into public.
  5. Consistent sleep is a foreign concept, but I have hope that we will sleep well again at some point in the near future.
  6. You really need to be able to tolerate crying when you have two under two. See # 2. Since someone is always crying, you need to be able to tolerate listening to one baby crying while you tend to the other.
  7. Diapers. So. Many. Diapers!
  8. Leaving the house is so much work that sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth it. Getting ready to leave the house is a journey in itself. Two bags to pack. Two kids to get ready. Just when you are ready to go (see # 2)
  9. Expect to do loads upon loads of laundry. I went from doing laundry once or twice a week to EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Baby boy spits up a lot.
  10. My toddler has been surprisingly awesome considering what a huge change this has been for all of us. She only says a few words, so we were not able to explain that she was gaining a sibling. Luckily for us, she has been so loving since the first day she met her little brother. She loves hugging and kissing her little brother, and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

So, you’ve read through my list and are thinking, “It doesn’t sound so bad” or “Wow, I don’t know if I can handle taking care of two under two.” You can definitely make it work! See some of my tips below:

Spend a lot of time outside. Get a double stroller and take the kids for walks. It’s an enjoyable experience for everyone. I get some exercise, and both of my children are calm when they are in the stroller. My fussy baby suddenly becomes quiet (and almost always falls asleep) and my toddler enjoys all the sights and sounds – especially when we cross paths with a doggy!

ASK FOR HELP! Taking care of two under two is almost impossible for one person to handle. I know not every mom has family or friends that can help, but for those of us that do – reach out as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you are pulling your hair out to ask for help. Don’t try to be supermommy. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a whole city to raise two of them.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. My mom guilt has been at an all time high since I had my son. No matter how hard I try, one kid is always getting ignored or has to wait for my attention. The baby wants to nurse every two hours, and that means I have to stop playing with my toddler and feed the baby. My baby needs some tummy time, but putting him on the floor near my toddler means I suddenly have to become a human shield. I can never give either child my all and that absolutely kills me. Then I realize that my kids have a pretty awesome life thanks to me and all of my efforts, and I let a little bit of the mom guilt go.

Look at your kiddos. Really look at them and take them in. Yes, those cute little munchkins are yours! They may drive you crazy but they are also the reason your heart is so full. The moments when my daughter cries in delight simply at the sight of her little brother makes all the craziness worth it. She is so eager to play with him, and I can’t wait to see my kiddos grow up together and become best friends!

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