My Must Haves for Baby

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with my second child, and I am in full-on nesting mode! Since this is baby # 2, I already have most of what I need. Looking back, there were so many items we thought we needed, but never ended up using. There are several items on this list that we purchased when our daughter was a newborn, and are still using today at 15 months! Here are my baby (and toddler) must-haves.


Rocking Chair – Make sure you have a comfortable rocking chair. You will be spending A LOT of time on it! I have used our rocking chair every single day (and night) since Izzy was born! I love that our chair reclines – it made nursing her so much more comfortable. I was able to rest and relax with her as she nursed. My hubby loves this chair so much he wants to move it into our living room once we are done with it! Our chair is the Belleze Recliner Chair

Baby Monitor – We initially registered for a $200+ baby monitor. In fact, I bought two sets – one for my home and one for my mom’s. We set the monitor up and tested it out for a few days and absolutely hated it! The picture was grainy and it would not connect every time. We ended up returning both sets and purchasing the Faleemi Camera for $43.99! It is fairly priced, and the picture is 1080P high-definition quality! The camera requires a wifi connection, and you use your smartphone as the monitor. The best part is whoever has the app and the password can view your baby – which means I can watch her at home, work or on the go. My mother-in-law, my mom and my hubby all have the app on their phones so we can all view her at the same time. No need for monitors. It also has amazing night vision and two way audio! I highly recommend this camera!

Crib – When we were shopping for a crib we had to decide between a crib with a changing table attached to it, or a standalone changing table. We decided to go with a crib that had a changing table attached. The weight limit on ours is 50 pounds. My daughter is currently 15 months old and weighs about twenty-five pounds. We still use our changing station daily! I also recommend looking for a crib that is convertible – which means you can use it as a toddler bed and eventually as a full size bed. The Delta Convertible Crib can be converted from a crib to a toddler bed to a full size bed. You just have to buy the guardrail (Daybed Rail included; Toddler guardrail and Full Size Metal Bed Frame sold separately).

Small Co-Sleeper – I didn’t use one of these with Izzy, but plan on using it with my son because I will be keeping him next to me in the living room while I watch and play with my toddler. 

Organic Crib Mattress Cover – A waterproof mattress cover will protect your crib mattress from baby pee & poo – I recommend having at least two in case you need to change one in the middle of the night.

Crib Mattress – We have the Sealy Mattress, which is waterproof and super easy to clean! 

Changing Pad – If you get a crib with the changer attached check the size – often they are smaller than standard size changing pad.

Changing pad waterproof liner – keep your changing pad protected with a waterproof liner.

Changing pad cover

Bookcase – Our bookcase is absolutely adorable, and even has space on the bottom to store stuffed animals. It is the Serta Happy Home Bookcase

Our Happy Home Bookcase


Hatch – This is another item I have used from birth and we are currently still using! It is a night light & sound machine which connects to your smartphone (or can be turned on and off manually). I love the app because I can turn it off once I leave her bedroom and she has fallen asleep. 

Baby Milestone Blanket – Capturing monthly photos was something I had a lot of fun doing with my daughter, and I look forward to repeating this tradition with my son. A baby milestone blanket is an adorable backdrop for baby’s monthly photos.


Blooming Bath Lotus – I would use this when baby is a newborn/infant, and then eventually work your way up to the tub.


Towels – Look for hooded towels to keep baby’s head warm after the bath!

Wash cloths

Shampoo Rinse Cup

Baby brush/comb

Toys – Izzy loves her rubber duckies!

Body wash/Body Lotion – I’m a big fan of Burt’s Bee’s Shampoo and Wash. It smells great, and the formula is plant-based and does not contain any parabens, phthalates, or SLS.

Nail clippers

Bulb syringe

Baby thermometer

Baby Tylenol/Motrin


Pampers – Izzy has been in Pampers since she was born. We tried other brands (Huggies, Honest, etc) and found that we either didn’t like the fit or that they irritated her skin. Pampers has been our go-to diaper since birth and we are still using them now.


Portable changing mat (for diaper bag) – This stays in my diaper bag at all times! I keep a few wipes and diapers inside of the mat and take it with me when I’m changing Izzy in a public bathroom or even when we are visiting someone’s house.

Aquaphor –  I’m not a fan of Desitin. Even after a bath, I would find Desitin stuck to my baby’s butt. I love Aquaphor – it’s consistency is similar to Vaseline. It’s all I ever use for a diaper rash.


Dr Brown’s Bottle – The Options Bottles come with the vent system. This helps reduce colic, burping and gas. You can also use the bottle without the vent system.  

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer


Bottle Rack – keep this next to your sink and use for drying your bottles

Burp cloths

Bibs – I love the OXO Tot Waterproof Bibs. They are so easy to clean and reuse. Great for when your baby starts solids.

High Chair – We have the Peg Perego – Siesta High Chair. Very well made and high quality high chair! 

Isabella taking a power nap after a meal

Breast Pump – Check out my blog post on breastfeeding and pumping products!

Pacifiers – My daughter liked Dr. Brown’s pacifiers and they glow in the dark.

Boppy Pillow – This is the only pillow I used when I was breastfeeding. It makes it easier to hold baby when they are a newborn. I would keep it handy whenever you have visitors who want to hold the baby. As baby grows, you can use it to prop baby up, and as support during tummy time. When baby is almost ready to sit up, it is also useful for support and protection.

Boppy Pillow Covers – have a few extra pillow covers on hand in case of baby spit up and other accidents!

Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker Set – The Baby Brezza is the only blender you need! This is a must have when you start solids. This steams and blends, so you will have less clean up! It also comes with three pouches if you want to prep food for on the go! 

OXO Tot Food Storage Containers

At Home

Graco Pack N’ Play – This is a safe place to keep baby during the day for play time. It includes a bassinet which can be used in or out of the play yard. 

Baby Gym – The Play Gym by Lovevery is the only gym you need for your baby! We spent months playing inside this gym. We started out doing a few minutes of tummy time per day and grew into all the developmental activities that are included. It also converts into a play fort which my toddler loves. 

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean – This is a fun bouncer! It has about fifteen different activities and baby can bounce up and down.


I would recommend buying the least amount of size newborn possible. Babies will only fit in newborn sized clothing for a few weeks. A baby born at nine pounds will be too big for newborn clothes! Keep the tags on and see how big your baby is…you may end up returning a lot of your newborn clothes.

Here are my number of recommended items per size:

2-4 infant gowns

4-8 bodysuits or onesies

4-8 pants

4-8 one-piece pajamas – I recommend ones with zippers only. You DO NOT want to deal with a million buttons in the middle of the night!

2 blanket sleepers

1-3 sweaters or jackets

1-3 rompers or other dress-up outfits

4-7 pairs of socks or booties

2-3 hats / beanies (especially if they are due during the winter!)

Swaddles – I would recommend at least 5-10. You will use these daily and they will get dirty! Lots of spit up when they are newborns.

Baby sized hangers

Nursery Closet Dividers – These dividers will help you organize clothes by size/months.

Dreft or other baby detergent. Dreft also has a great spray for high chairs, toys etc

Dapple Dishwashing Soap


Rock N Play 

Deluxe Bouncer 

My daughter practically lived in her Rock N Play and Bouncer until she was able to sit up (around six months). I was able to have her next to me when I did the dishes, cleaned up, etc. She would sleep in her Rock N Play during the day, but I would never leave her there overnight.

Izzy in her Rock N Play
Izzy lounging around in her bouncer

On the Go

Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover

Car Mirror – We went through a few mirrors that had poor visibility. This one is my favorite! I just purchased a second one to put above my son’s car seat. 

HaloVa Diaper Backpack – We had a traditional diaper bag that had one long strap. I found it difficult to balance carrying my baby and the bag that would constantly slip off of my shoulder. This backpack is awesome! It has so much room for all of our stuff, and insulated pockets for bottles and/or food jars! My hubby doesn’t mind wearing it either since I got it in grey. 

Baby Bjorn – This is the only baby carrier you need! My hubby and I both wore this carrier with Izzy and will be using it again with our son. 


Baby Jogger Parent Console – This is a great place to store your car keys, cell phone, etc.

Graco 4-Ever-All in One Car Seat – This car seat lives up to its name – it will last forever! Your baby can ride in it from as small as 4 pounds, and then as they grow the max weight is 120 pounds!! This is the only car seat you will ever need.

Travel System – Check out my stroller review here!

Baby Bjorn Travel Light Crib – The first couple of times we traveled with Izzy, I forced my hubby to lug our Pack N’ Play around. It was pretty heavy and took up a decent amount of space in my trunk. I was delighted when I discovered the Baby Bjorn crib. It weighs only 13 pounds! It is smaller than the Pack N’ Play, but it definitely works for trips! 

Mommy Hooks – You will need a place to hang your purse on your stroller!

Bundle Me Infant – This is something I thought I would never use, but it ended up being very useful! I thought we could just cover our daughter with a blanket when it got cold, but it would never stay on her. She would kick it off, or simply moving around with the stroller would be enough to send the blankie to the floor. The Bundle Me wraps around the entire seat and is so cozy! It will keep the baby very warm and toasty when you are out and about in cold weather. Once you upgrade to a toddler seat you can switch out to the Bundle Me Toddler. 

Umbrella Stroller – I keep my larger stroller in the car at all times, and the umbrella stroller at home for walks around my neighborhood. 

What are you must-have items for baby? Did I forget an essential item? Let me know because I still have some time to do more shopping before the baby gets here!!

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